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Tracy Keeling

A kangaroo rushed a burning house bushfires in Australia



A lonely sun parakeet in  Pata Zoo, Thailand
A person reaches out to touch the face of a small non-human primate who is hanging from the bars of their cage in Pata Zoo, Thailand



Tracy Keeling

I was born at 93.6 LPI (Living Planet Index). Currently, the LPI sits at 30.9, signalling that populations of wild species have declined massively – by over 60% – in my lifetime. Climate-wise, I was born at 331.1ppm (concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere). Now we’re hovering around 420ppm.

Journalists have an important role to play in helping people to understand how we got here – and how we get the hell out. They can uncover the villians in this Earth story, shine a light on its heroes, and explain the complexities of these interconnected emergencies. Through this, they can help to effect change.

I am an impact-focused environmental journalist determined to do exactly that. Broadly speaking, I write about the 4% (wild animals), the 62% (farmed animals), and the 99% (the rest of the living planet). Please check out the relevant sections of my website to find examples of work I’ve done on these topics.

I am a freelance journalist. My stories have appeared in Daily Maverick, The Revelator, DeSmog, Sentient Media, The Canary, and elsewhere.

Image by Lucy Calderón Pineda

There are few journalists who are truly able to intelligently delve into the subject at hand, scouring the details to make sure that when a story is produced everything has been thoroughly examined. Tracy Keeling is that journalist. Without fail, she delivers a deeply informative and compelling read.

Dr Adam Cruise, investigative journalist and author

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